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Are we really keeping Iggy, Young and Nochioni?
  • This roster is a mess and all the Sammy trade did was make it worse..what is Stephanski doing? You think the lockeroom is quiet now wait until Young, Nochi and Turner play 12-15mpg!!!!!!!!!!!GEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZ!
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    Ok...Turner is a 2, Iggy a 3, and young a 4. Nocioni is a backup 3/4. So yes, we are keeping all of them.
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    I agree with Llamaboy, they all play different positions and I don't see Turner logging heavy minutes right away. Nocioni will be the first guy off the bench and could easily log 30 minutes a night playing 2-3 different positions. Same goes for Iggy and Young who can also play multiple positions. Not having a center who can defend though will be tough, maybe Speights or Hawes steps up, but I'm not holding my breath on either.
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    We need a veteran point guard when Jrue gets flustered and he will. Kapono and Green are who we do not need anymore.
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    this will be year of collins evaluating roster for real moves next year. so i think they all stay.