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Get Andre Mille back
  • If Paul wants to go to Portland trade Kapono and green for miller. Trading him was the worse move we made last year. I know everyone thinks Jrue Holiday will be great but a year with Miller running the floor(and mentoring Jrue) and next with Jrue doing it and miller comming off the bench will seal the deal!!
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    Sorry for the Error, I meant get Andre Miller back!
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    Ok dondel, keeping Miller would have done what? 1st rd. exit from the playoffs?? are u happy with that? U know what thats called MEDIOCRITY !!!!!!
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    I don't know why I'm even responding to such a dumb post, maybe the incredible stupidity makes me feel like I had to step up: Benching Jrue Holiday this year, when he's ready to play now? Miller, another year older and slower taking minutes from his growth? And adding another player to an already crowded backcourt? STFU
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    this sounds like a post that Rolen would make.