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  • This is a case where change is a step backwards. Keep the old forum and fire the person who approved this pokey, dinky "upgrade".
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    Best post on the "New Forum" yet! This is not Facebook, let's keep it simple Pretty soon people will be showing pictures of their stupid kids instead of talking Sixers.
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    Testing the "Respond" feature
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    Can't stand this new look 'forum'.
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    > There is little opportunity for meaningful debate/discussion on this elementary bulletin board. has shown no regard for the "communities" of fans that have been developed over many years. If I could cancel a subscription, I'd do it now. (HTML deleted)
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    This kindergarten forum kills all discussion and debate. Time to put it out of it's misery. Keep the old forum.
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    Hello All! I have created an online petition which I will be emailing to If you think the new forums are an inferior product and want to keep the current forums, please sign my petition! The only way to stop them from converting to the new system is for them to hear us. It's quick and easy. All you have to do is type in your name and email address. The email address is private and will not be shared with anyone if you don't want it to be. I also encourage you to put your forum name in parenthesis next to your name like I did. Thank you for your help! "Who am I?" Winners: Beeste - 1, Phildogs - 2, Shockeysux09 - 1 My bet with templegrad, SpicyMcHagis, and thegreek1979: The Eagles will have a better record than the Skins in the 2010 season. Bet with Iceman11: Eagles defense will allow less yards and points than Skins defense Bet with TheGreek1979: Eagles will win at least 9 games and will be at least 2nd in the division Thank you for your efforts Phillyterp.
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    This new forum should be constitution enough to hie the 'Report abuse' button.
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    yeah yeah yeah check one 2.. spaghetti spaghetti spaghetti.. oh wait wrong forum. Love, 4merfan aka DC "this forum" SUCKS
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    in all honesty i am open to change.. and maybe after we get used to it it will be okay .. i liek the old one better and all...but least Philly can explain that it is maybe a $ savig move? at least some aknowelegement as to why they switched it up?
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    Forget, for a moment, the Advanced Search function - where's the Search button? Keep the old forum, this one is okay for newbs and attention seekers. The old forum is a community with history.
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    This 'Change' is working out about as well as the last one! I think we're all a little sick of 'change' at this point!
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    This Forum Sux! This would never happen if the Sixers were relevant and had The Big 3
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    Today, to make a point about today's team, I bumped a thread from 2005. CAN'T DO THAT ON THIS MICKEY MOUSE FORUM. Keep the old forum alive. It's a community with history.
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    hey i just updated my logo to describe the new forum. check eet out

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