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Have no fear,Tony Battie is here!
  • These are the only type of moves Stiffanski can make. The power move of the summer. Can't wait til the season begins.
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    No, These are the types of moves that ALL teams make. The heat sign Joel Anthony...who is essentially Tony Battie. Not every free agent signing is a big name, the vast majority for all teams are end of the bench depth signings. I for one can't wait for the season to begin, and i can say that without sarcasm
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    Current roster, solid. Nothing fearful though. We need a guy who can dominate/ change a series. T MAC!!!!!!!
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    combo, TMac's days of domination are over. I like the guy but he simply is not the player he used to be, and he wouldn't really fit in here.
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    Somebody out there dial SIXERSHELP!
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    This team has changed. Just getting rid of Dalembert is a positive. Hawes, Nocioni and now Battie add depth that is essential for a team without a real star. In total, this team is stronger than last year's.
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    Shane Battier is here - yea, great! - Oh wait. On another note, after watching Pro's vs Pro's game on Pro's vs Joes, maybe McNabb could be a role player signing!
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    It's a 1-year deal. As bad as Stefanski was with Brand & Iguodala's contract he has been good at giving lower-end contracts. Carney, Marshall Ratliff etc were all given fair contracts that we aren't stuck with. During Billy King's era (or error) Battie would have had a 7 year $60+ million contract. Just look at Willie Green. Not that he's overpaid but it is rediculous the length of his contract. Especially since Willie got injured and we would have been able to back out of that deal or lessened the pay/length of it.
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    you know battie has been a diesnet bench player and can come in and relieve hawes and grad some bourds and he has also improved his outside jumper