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Sixers are done
  • Is it me or are the Sixers cursed w/ terrible management ever since the fallout between Snider and Croce? It seems like the Sixers dug themselves in such a hole they can't sign anyone, including Summer League people. Look at the upper echelon of NBA teams, they've at least upgraded w/ one key offseason signing or move.
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    The 6ers are so cheap....... Bats come out of the safe when they open it up.
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    The 6ers are so cheap...... There is a creaking noise when Snider takes his wallet out.
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    It doesn't matter how cheap they are (they're not really cheap, just give long/expensive contracts to the wrong people), with Miami in the East the 76ers aren't going anywhere for the next decade.
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    bmccardle, truer words were never spoken.
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    Because they want to avoid the luxury tax...season tix holders...dump your tix NOW
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    I am not buying any tickets until the 76ers put a real PF and Center on the court. We use to be the Philadelphia 76ers, but now we are the Philadelphia Compromising 76ers.
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    Looks like 5-6 teams are emerging as "the elite" (as the league falls apart)...and the woeful, cheap, inept Sixers are quickly sinking to the very bottom with no foreseeable hope in the future!
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    I couldn't see the 76ers having so many empty seats if Croce were still running things. He was able to get the town pumped for an 18-22 win in 96 and 97. Of course our future looked more promising than it does now. Snider should have sold to Croce when he had the chance. The team is looking better than recent years, finally rid of Dalmebert's contract, drafting Turner and Jrue is looking like a steal and Nocioni improving the bench and a possible Center to replace Sammy in Hawes (and if he don't work out we can just let him go or resign him cheap). 76ers aren't exactly cheap as unwise in how they spend the big money on Brand and Iguodala. If they had loaded Iguodala and Brand's contracts with incentives instead, they could have added better supporting players.