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Was Turner the right choice?
  • Heard someone on the radio today saying the Sixers made yet another drafting mistake by choosing Evan Turner over DeMarcus Cousins. You can't go much by summer league performance, but Turner certainly wasn't good. Could this caller be correct?
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    Way too soon to write off Turner. I think it was the right choice. Turner and Holiday together I think will be a good starting point for a bright future on this team.
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    turner was the right choice hands down!!!!
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    Turner has the right attitude and didn't play ball for months. He'll be fine by the season.
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    Turner will develop just like he did in college. He's a special talent and has all the tools to be a great pro. Give him time.
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    Turner has the tools. he will be just fine. he'll have an adjustment period 1st but should turn out to be a very solid pro. he was the right choice to make on draft night
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    How can you go into a rookie training camp out of shape...this baffles me! Did Turner (and STIFF-anski) over-estimate his talent and NBA readiness?
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    Cousins was terrible his last three summer league games shooting 9-45. I think it's too early to tell about the picks.
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    I think they had no other choice but turner at 2 pick. but dont like him at all or cousins.
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    Slow done people! way too early to worry about Turner. He's come in with the right attitude and plays the position the Sixers needed the most.
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    Wat too early to write off a rookie in the summer league. Turner is and was the right choice. Its not like we can get any worse.
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    maybe hell need a year or 2 but once holiday and turner delevope 2 there full potential everyone should look out becaus this will be one of the best backcourts in the leauge