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Iggy = Tony Allen + Battier minus $1.7 mil
  • I'm not proposing a trade, but we wouldn't lose a thing to have two smart players like Battier and Tony Allen instead of Iggy. Tony Dileo made a good pick. Stefanski and Snider made a terrible decision to resign him. Time to move on. No knock on Iggy - who did everything Collins wanted this year - except that he's overpaid and not a star. So offer him up for Cleveland's trade exception (their owner's rich and not a bean counter) and go out and get a journeyman big, then draft a project. Tony Allen makes $3 mil. Apart from rebounding, what does Iggy do anything better than Allen? And is Iggy's defense better than Battier's? Battier makes $7.6 mil and can shoot? As for projects, Marc Gasol was drafted at 48. Why didn't we get him (apart from the fact that we traded away our second-round pick)? We need a Mack truck at center who bangs heads. As for Rudy Gay: If I were Memphis, I'd ask myself if Gay can touch Sam Young and Shane Battier on D? He can't. Personal to Roland: The new Prius wagon (seven-seat version, I believe) will employ a lithium battery. I hope all's well. Hookshot
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    Wrong board hookshot2012. This one has a communicable disease.