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7th seed for the next 8 years...
  • Once again, great excitement for a team that has no chance of competing in its current form. Is a Holliday a nice player? Yes, but he will never be a top-10 point guard. Is Iggy the most over-rated player in the league, yes. 4 points in a playoff opener? Please. Brand is solid, but his days of all-star play are way in the past. Thad Young, nice scorer but is there a smaller 6-9 guy in the league? Evan Turner seems like a nice guy, but the fact is he does not have the athleticism to be a elite in this league...ever. Maybe if he could shoot it like Joe Johnson, but we all know shooting is one of the worst things he does. Spencer Hawes would be great coming off the bench. Jodie Meeks....let it sink in.....Jodie Meeks starts for this team. Heat sweep....
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    Steve - Interesting post. I agree with some points and not so much with others. Let me start with some agreements:

    1) Brand's all-star days are behind him. I agree with that. However, he still gives us our one legitimate low-post threat which is always a plus, especially during playoff time.

    2) Turner will never be elite, I agree. We made a mistake by taking Turner over Demarcus Cousins. Don't get me wrong, Turner is a great guy and Cousins is not, but Cousins would have had a major instant impact on this team whereas Turner is expendable and his ceiling is limited.

    Now for some disagreements:

    1) Holiday - Much more than just a nice player. The guy is 20 years old and he's one of the main reasons why we're still playing in late April. He had a monster year and I have no doubt that he will eventually be a top-10 point guard if he's not already.

    2) Thad Young - Another guy we need to build around. I love his energy, toughness, and enthusiasm for the game. I'm going to sit back and watch Doug Collins mold this guy into an excellent NBA player.

    Just my thoughts. Go Sixers!