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Thorn:Carmelo for Iggy/Evan has to be done!
  • Fits nicely under the cap and saves the franchise from looking like dolts when Cousins ends up a franchise center and Turner's playing Italy in three years!
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    or it just makes you look like a dolt. First of all, that deal would never happen. Secondly, there is no way Turner is playing in Italy in three years.
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    trurner is going to be a great player and is nba ready unlike cousing. Cousins is very imature and a bad teammmate
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    not gonna happend
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    That would be a foolish move! melo? a guy who doesn't play defense.
    I do believe that he had a stacked team in Denver and he couldn't win. why would I expect him to light it up here on the east. The days of one player carrying a team are over. (thank God) in today's NBA you have to draft and get the ULTRA star latter. But a argument could be made that you don't need a ULTRA star to win.