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dominic brown is the future
  • what can brown do for you
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    That kid is taaaaalllll. He runs like a gazelle. Haven't really seen him use his arm, but I know he's thrown some guys out at the plate in the minor leagues. Brown seems to be the truth. Just don't know how the Phillies are going to keep him in the lineup once Victorino comes back.
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    I would not sit Ibanez this year. Next year? Splinters for R.I., or outright release
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    One solution would be to trade Werth now, even though Victorino's injured. I don't see that happening, now. The other solution would be to put Ibanez and Francisco on the bench. I know Raul's making a lot of money, but it's all about wins at this point.
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    well next year brown will be full time because werth will be gone if they know brown is comsisten and ready for the bigs. I f this is a fluke(which its not) then werth wontr want a one year deal with the phils so brown will be full time pretty much no matter what

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