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Why isn't Bret Myers an option?
  • I know myers behavior kind of wore thin during his years but he was always a solid and dependable pitcher.His numbers with the Astro's only proves this further with a 3.10 era and an 8-6 record.How much and how long is Myers signed for and would he be cheaper than Oswalt
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    He's only signed for this year with an option for next year, so he'd be a lot cheaper in terms of prospects and in terms of salary compared to Oswalt. Plus it would probably let us keep Happ than include him in an Oswalt trade. But RAJ won't likely bring Myers back, simply because it'd be the smart thing to do.
    The K Man
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    Because the GM of Houston stated that he is untouchable.
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    The Mets were interested in Myers but were told that he won't be on the trading block if the Astros lose Oswalt. They do need somebody to pitch in their rotation, I guess.

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