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Haren better option than Roy O?
  • I know Haren is having an off year, but I cant stop thinking of Roy's age and how it seems he is just not that interested in pitching here. For someone who was screaming about getting traded ASAP a month ago, he really is making it difficult on his GM. I WOULD NOT trade him within the division if I were the Astros. I cant think but wonder how good Haren would be with Moyer and Doc mentoring him, especially in the long run? How good is that rotation? DOc, Hamels, Haren??? Id that that and run!
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    i agree..i wanted Haren all along..Haren is 29 and oswalt going to be 33 in aug. and Haren would be under contract for the next 4 years and thats the phillies window to win 3-4 years and oswalt is making alot of money for his age
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    Tom me this is a common sense trade, get haren
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    I think Haren sucks.He is a terrible 2nd half pitcher. Look it up if you don't believe me.
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    Haren has more potential upside and Roy wants too much money. That's my opinion.
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    I'd prefer Haren over Oswalt as well, but it's really a moot point as the Phillies really have no trade leverage....especially when the Yankess get involved. Arizona wants a current player plus 2-3 solid prospects. Phils can offer Happ, but their "valued-prospect" cupboard is severely depleted. My guess is both Oswalt and Haren will get dealt elsewhere and the Phillies will end up with someone like Guthrie i.e. a middle-to-back end of the rotation pitcher.
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    I thought that's why they were looking to move Werth though, especially since they have Brown in the wings..
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    haren wouldnt have been the right guy because hes not a 2nd half pitcher oswalt is the real deal

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