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Are there any realistic fans here?
  • Amaro's moves last year dragged the team to the WS. That's 2 WS's in a row which almost never happens in the National League. Now this year the moves didn't work out and they've had bad injury luck besides. What GM in the league is batting 1 for 2 in WS appearances? The incessant whining by some fans is ridiculous. Not even the Yankees with their bloated $200 million payrooll have made the WS or even playoffs every year. Can we talk about improving the team without taking ignorant shots at ownership and a FO that's delivered a winner for year's in a row?
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    You know, I am ok with your post in many ways. I have seen many games over 45 years and losing seasons and I'm thrilled we have a very good team. So, no complaints on effort and OK, so we may not get to the playoffs this year. There are a host of reasons. However, what does concern me is Rube. Yes, good move on Lee last year and traded value for Doc. But let's be honest. Letting Lee go over the winter may have been the most unbalanced boob move of the decade. Every trade doesn't work out but this one was so ridiculous the guy really scares me. That's my only concern. Go Phillies!
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    Actually from a baseball standpoint I think the concept of trading Lee is justified by this season. You don't 'go for broke' in one season because any number of factors can derail you as is evidenced by the injuries and slumps this year. The problem with the Lee trade really is that the pieces they got back aren't producing (yet at least). So in my mind it's just a trade that didn't work out not an epic travesty as some would suggest. In the end you weigh the good ones vs. the bad ones. That's baseball.
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    Actually pg, this season does not justify trading one of the best left handed pitchers in the game for a used ball bag. Not to mention the fact that his performance last October was legendary. And that jettisoning him sent the wrong message to the fan base and the players on the ballclub. What do you think Roob could have gotten for Lee if he traded him next week?
    duke santos
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    Thank you pg...finally someone with some sense. First of all, way too early to tell on the cliff lee trade...get back to me in 5 years. Secondly: There is a reason nobody's done 3 pennants in the NL in a row since the Cards: it is near impossible.

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