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Phillies look like they quit
  • I never thought this team would quit like they have!! No playoffs when you play like this!!! Rube better bring Brown up, this team needs some new blood!!
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    Why did Blanton bat with the bases loaded in the top of the seventh? They have no bench and no releivers, but u have to pinch hit there. U see what happened, holliday HR game over....
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    That's the type of move, or lack thereof, that gets managers fired. Manuel failed to get a pitcher up because he had no confidence that his offense would make it to the pitcher's spot in the order. This team is a train wreck from top to bottom.
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    Chaz waits too long to take pitchers out! He is a dope, everyone knew Blanton was done!!
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    Is it that this team has quit, or they never had the edge they had the last two years. Quite frankly, with the exception of the first month, I think they have played mediocre to below average baseball and the egos have taken over. They think they are now entitled to NL East title and it ain't going to happen. Humility is a great virtue and someone should sprinkle some around the clubhouse.
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    Best thing to happen is the current smack down. Can't just press the gas pedal is the lesson they are learning. They kept saying relax, relax. Well the fans saw what was going on before they did and tried to call them on it. Now they face the fact they should have cared weeks ago and are no out of the playoff hunt.
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    the phils are back dont panic when ur team is don stop being faiirweather fans

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