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Phils close to winning Oswald
  • Seems now that we have heard a few reports of Philly making a big move we might be getting Roy. If we can do that and keep Brown and Happ I would love it assuming we did not give up copious amounts of other prospects. But Houston may well want to reduce payroll and Happ and Roy behind Roy and Cole would be sweet. Then the low runs per game would be less of an issue and the pen would not be working so hard.
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    Not worth it. Don't throw prospects away for this season. Unless we can get rid of Raul in a deal this isn't worth it.
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    We won't be giving away prospects. Its a Werth to Tampa possibility or another team, then we take the prospects we got from that and swap it for Oswalt. Pretty much a straight up Werth for Oswalt trade maybe even gaining a prospect Ive heard. This would be great considering we'd have Oswalt signed though next year and it would make room for DomBrown to move up. Something needs to be shaken up.
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    Think your'e right. They need to shake things up and quickly.
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    Phils have a better shot at acquiring Lee Harvey Oswald than Roy Oswalt...he'll wind up on the yanks, yanks will ship A.J somewhere!
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    Will Oswalt be the consolation prize for not making the playoffs? They will be 9 out by the time he could even start. And how do you win when your team gets no hit.........
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    Roy Oswalt is headed to St Louis!!!!!
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    Jay Grace is awake!!!
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    get all of your facts straight idiots. Hes already said he doesnt want to go to philly im just as upset as you are.

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