New Forum Is Worse Than The Phillies
  • And thats saying a whole lot right now ....
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    duke santos
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    I agree ... this new forum blow ....
  • 0 like this / 0 don't   •   Posted 10:11 AM, 07/21/2010 prob. overpaid for it as well making it unmovable. Like Raul.
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    Anyone know a better forum for Phillies fans, I spent 8 years on as Sufferingfan and they made me change my name. This new forum is set up bad!!!!
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    They didn't make me change my name, but this forum does suck.
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    Is the old forum not accessible now?? I cant find a way to get back on it.....I thought this wouldnt change over so quickly.
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    Boy are you spot on. This new forum sucks!
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    If you have an interest in joining a different Phillies forum with some of your old friends and acquaintances; please send an email to this address ( Your email should disclose your current and past forum names if applicable; a link to your user profile; and include a valid return email address and given name. Oh - and we are attempting to limit the trolls...the only basic requirement.
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    The proof is in the pudding, so to speak. Forum use is down by about 80% so the "new and inproved" forum is turning off a lot of participants. It took me 10 minutes of rigamorole to get back on. And then i couldn't use my old user name because somebody else had it. Yeah, me! Great way to support fan interest.

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