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Too soon to write them off!
  • I am as aware of their problems as everyone here, but the fact is, this team has always been streaky. Maybe they make a move or two, get Utley back, and make a move for the WC. If they scratch and claw their way into the postseason, anything can happen. What they have done in the postseason the past two years shows that they know how to win. They have gone to the WS two years in a row, and won 3 straight NL East pennants, and deserve a chance to rally. Everyone knows that Utley is the heart of this team. If they stay in contention until he comes back, then it can happen. They need to make a move or two, and things can shift in an instant. THEY AIN'T DEAD YET!
  • 2 like this / 0 don't   •   Posted 9:15 PM, 07/19/2010 it's not. They are done. No pitching, inconsistent offense. Not our year. They will be back next year.
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    Sorry's way too late!
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    It's not way too late. I thought a couple years ago being down 7 with 17 to go was way too late.
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    Their Pitching is horrible and the Cholly has lost respect from his players! Time to bring in a Bowa-Dallas Green type to infuse accountability and discipline!
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    They are .500 club. Sell......
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    ibanez is done... rollins is the worst lead-off hitter in baseball (still)... victorino has become a rollins-clone with the bat... werth is a head-case... howard is letting the shift play him... done, toast, last one out turn off the lights.
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    I think that inconsistent hitting and poor pitching are a big part of the problem, however the injuries to this team cannot be ignored and are the main reason for the Phillies' struggles.
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    It maybe or maybe not I will never write this team off. I am not into the "I told you so game" so I don't make predictions.
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    My fault laser5 I didn't read your comment close enough. 3 NL East titles is right.
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    I wouldn't write the Phils off, but I think they're going to have to win the NL East to get into the postseason. I think the NL Wild Card will come from among the four NL West teams that are in contention - San Fran, L.A., Colorado and San Diego.
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    > Well, they have allowed 1 earned run in the last 29 innings. And, Charlie did the equivalent of Tazing the whole clubhouse by firing Thompson. He scared the living crap out of everybody, more than Dallas Green ever could, without saying a single word or raising his voice. Which great General was it that said? "I don't care if they respect me, as long as they fear me". He got their attention with this one, you betcha. So, they are right back in it. All it takes is a subtle shift, and the thing snowballs. Howard is already on fire, and now Ibanez is as well. What happens if Werth finally relaxes, and survives the trade deadline and starts hitting? Then, we have our Phillies back. Too late my ass. Upper Darby here. Over and out. (HTML deleted)

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