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Can Positive Karma change the season for the Phils?
  • It's at that time in the season where it's now or never for the Phillies. They have 13 games remaining in July and if they are going to show the fan base that they should and will be contenders for the remainder of the season it's time to start showing their true colors. I watch every game. Every day I keep thinking this is the beginning of a streak but it never happens. Even when they won 4 in a row against the Reds I still wasn't impressed with their offensive output. Several games could have gone either way. Now my wife claims it's my negative karma and all the negative karma in Negadelphia that's keeping the Phillies down. I 've been saying non sense all along and that my negative karma has absolutely nothing to do with the Phillies woes. However I did have a supremely positive moment on Saturday when I predicted Marmol would self implode, walk a few batters and the Phillies would win going away. Funny how that works. As for last night, the Phillies "ridonculously" poor play and my negativity returned with a vengenance and the Phillies were once again reduced to the Sillies. All that aside I am predicting a 9 and 4 record through the remianing games in July and pledge to keep a positive attitude up until that point. In other words it's time for the Phillies to put up or shut up and if the Phillies have any chance at all this season they really need to go 9 and 4 in their next 13. Otherwise it's GO EAGLES for me and lot of others in good ol' Negadelphia. Any Comments?
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    Karma is crap, but it seems to me that anyone hopping off the bandwagon just doesn't have the energy for a 162 game season. In 2007 they were pretty much out of it until late August/early September. Point is, the season isn't over until it's over.
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    No such thing as karma. If negative thoughts sabotages a team's chances of winning, then no Philly team would've ever won a championship. Besides, we're bred on disappointment in this town. How could we not be pessimistic?
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    No. It's over.
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    Its over, they have no heart. Jayson Werth is a piece of total crap and needs to get traded by the deadline before the lose him for nothing...

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