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Who Can You Trade?
  • Everyone wants the Phillies to make a big trade before the trade deadline. Unless I'm missing something, I don't see what the Phillies have to trade. Assuming Brown is off the table (Which he BETTER be), and assuming the Phillies wouldn't be stupid enough to trade Werth at this point in the season (A major part of their world series teams, and crucial to returning to a 3rd straight fall classic)...what's left? Are we really going to get an upgrade over Blanton with what we have left in the minors? I think the Phillies need to be patient and wait for Happ to return to form (He was hitting 93-95 in his last minor league start). I think Happ is better than most pitchers available in free agency, except Oswalt, who we can't get. Ben Sheets? Really? I'd rather wait for Blanton to return to form (he looked pretty good in his last start)
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    If you can find takers, dump the salary of those not performing and use it for pitching next year. ie: Ibanez, Werth, Blanton, etc. Get What you can.
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    You could package Kendrick and a prospect for a better pitcher.
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    Is there a taker for Milt Thompson? I'd take a handful of used batting gloves for him!
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    _Kenny Junod
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    I say trade Werth for pitching this year. Dump Ibanez, Dump Blanton. Call up Brown.
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    victorino,blanton,happ,ibanez,werth,francisco,they all tradeable
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    In term of results the Phillies have had over the past year, the trade arrow is pointing down. It would be wise to avoid the blockbuster trade. Time to regroup the talent evaluation.

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