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Doc Halladay
  • Rough outing for him last night. Do you think the extra rest hurt him? Do you think it could help him down the stretch?
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    He had good control, just got hit around. Defense did not help either...
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    The All-Star Game may have thrown aces off their routines and made them uncomfortable. Opponents roughed up Cliff Lee, David Price, and Halladay in their first starts after the ASG.
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    Looks like the Phillies are in for a long August...really had high hopes for this team. I think the Werth situation, crappy pitching and injuries are the achilles heal of this team!
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    Halladay would be about 15-4 right now if he had consistent run support. I won't say he "entitled to a bad outing" once in a while, but I won't throw him under a bus for one bad game.
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    Roy Halladay is the least of our problems. Wonder if he is rethinking his push to come to the Phils.
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    Stop calling him "Doc" and maybe he'll pitch better.
    duke santos

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