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Post All Star Starting Pitchers Rotation
  • I wish Cole would be pitching in the All Star Game but since he starts tomorrow he will likely be ineligible. Assuming he doesn't pitch in the All Star Game and Roy and Cliff do, might as well start Cole on Friday against the Mets (would be his normal rest). Halladay or Lee would pitch Saturday. If one pitches a lot in the ASG they would pitch Sunday. If it's not a factor, I say Halladay on Saturday so Cole and Cliff (two lefties) don't pitch back to back days. Assuming it is Cole-Roy-Cliff Mets (Fri-Sun July 15-17): Cole, Roy, Cliff Cubs (Mon-Wed July 18-20): Worley, Kendrick, Cole Padres (Fri-Sun July 22-25): Roy, Cliff, Worley, Kendrick Giants (Tue-Thur July 26-28): Cole, Roy, Cliff Of course if the rotation sets up, our three aces will start the three games against the Giants, just the way we want it. If Joe Blanton comes back, he takes Kendrick's or Worley's spot.

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