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Ibanez is a Joke
  • But I'll bet he'll be in the lineup tomorrow. C'mon Charlie get him the hell out of there. Can anybody on this team swing at strikes? Utley, Howard and Werth really suck today.
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    Ibanez is great
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    Raul has been a fine major league player who is nearing the end of his career. Because of his age and contract, he likely has no trade value. Cutting him serves no useful financial purpose. The Phillies would still be liable for the difference between his contracted salary and the major league minimum, which would be the responsibility of any acquiring club.
    Raul may still have anther outstanding season left, but as a worse case could be a valuable extra outfielder. Getting rid of him at this juncture is premature and makes no sense.
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    you know your baseball graybeard

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