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Who replaces Werth?
  • We all need to face that facts that Werth is gone after this year. How do the Phillies replace him? There are not a lot of options on the free-agent market who fit what the Phillies need. There are a couple avenues I'd go when looking for a trade. My first choice on this team is David Wright and making him the 3B while shifting around the rest of the infield. (I think Utley would have to be included in this deal and it makes sense for both teams, but won't happen.) But how about Tori Hunter of the Angels? He's got 2 years left on his deal at $18M per, so the Angels would have to eat some money. He's already been moved to RF to make room for their newest prospect. Their DH is only signed for this year (Matsui) and is about 40. Ibanez could be included in the deal (the Angels would take him and replace Matsui) and a couple of prospects. Hunter would play right for the Phillies, bat 5th and be more than adequate at replacing Werth. Brown would play about 65% of the time in right while Francisco spells him the rest.
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    Brown is the man
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    This makes sense if Werth is deemed unavailable; focus on the bullpen too. johnnyu

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