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The offense has not been the same sense the sign stealing episode
  • Say what you want about injuries, off years or whatever; but the offense went into complete inconsistency the minute that sign stealing situation happened. Awful.
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    I agree, though no one on the team will probably ever publicly admit it. This offense has become stale, stagnant and boring. Sometimes I wonder if the fact that they have Halliday, Hamels and now Oswalt in the rotation makes the offense feel less compelled to score runs since they've pitched so well? Ironically, the offense was actually being somewhat productive until Utley and Howard came back. Even though they are the annointed starters, I had a bad feeling that the offense would fall off a little upon their return due to rust and it has.
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    i don't think it's rust. i think it's their style of hitting. howard strikes out way too much from may to mid august. then in late august on he turns into barry bonds. too bad he can't play that way all year long. maybe someone should hypnotize him to think that every month is september.

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