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Best game of the season
  • Which will be the best game of the season for the Nits? I've got a friend going down to the Alabama game, but am looking for a good weekend to go up and see a game. Michigan maybe?
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    As far as mass amounts of people being there, Michigan or Michigan State are the ticket. Competitive, those 2 and maybe Northwestern. The rest of the home schedule kinda sucks this year
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    temple is ready to stun all of you
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    Lol, I don't think Temple has quite the fire power to beat Penn State, however, it is obvious that over the past 2 years they are closing the gap. They're not the pushover they once were and I give them alot of respect for the direction their program is headed! Golden was definitely the right choice for that job!
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    Let's see what happens this year, but it looks like you guys have a Heisman hopeful!
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    i know pierce probably wont win it but he will have a great year if he can stay healthy. TEmple wont be able to win in happy valley but they wont get killied like they always do