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Giannini's new deal
  • Smart move by La Salle to lock up coach John Giannini with a long-term contract. He's been great for the program despite some bad luck with injuries to key players.
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    Agreed. He's got the team on the rise (even though it's a very slow rise).
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    The school had better put some REAL MONEY into that program for recruiting, etc. to compete with the rest of the Atlantic 10 schools. As it is now, you could have Christ coaching that team and it wouldn't make much of a dent.
    ANGRY AL 2
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    Really, just what has Dr. John done? I'm sure he's a nice guy; this program is no further out of the dumps than the day he took over!
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    Only at Lossalle could a guy not even sniff a post-season bid in 6 years and be rewarded with an extension. Who's the clown that's A.D.?