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This new forum sucks
  • Whoever created this...please finish the high school web design class and try again.
  • 0 like this / 0 don't   •   Posted 11:28 AM, 07/26/2010
    How on earth do you navigate this "improved" forum?
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    Sucks long, sucks hard.
  • 0 like this / 0 don't   •   Posted 4:07 PM, 07/30/2010
    Guys, I made a new forum cause this is horrible. Free, simple, easy. Anything goes for posting. Much more user friendly. In the long run - everyone will have the ability to post free blogs as well. Come on over.
  • 0 like this / 0 don't   •   Posted 9:12 PM, 07/31/2010
    Hey Digity, I was on your site. It looks really good. With the demise of this site, however, I'll probably just stick with PTPITN since I'm a mod over there and have been there since its inception. And occasionally troll hfboards, of course. Good luck on the new site. It really does look good.
  • 0 like this / 0 don't   •   Posted 8:19 PM, 08/03/2010
    Ruxpin3995? Are you the poster formerly known as...Ruxpin? This is sort of like running into another survivor on the desert island after the shipwreck. I hate this new forum and, at least for the moment, I'm not all that happy with any of the alternatives. And you know what else? I miss the trolls. They gave my life meaning. This new thing is so...antiseptic.
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    Yes. This sucks.