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Was anyone asked to beta this "new and improved" Forum? Cast your vote...
  • Thumbs Way Down! Not impressed at all with this new format! Best practices with web 2.0 and any consumer product is to beta before release. Sure wish they had gotten my feedback first.
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    PLUS, you still have that freaking annoying video to start the page off.
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    Was the "Click here to return to the standard forums." not enough?
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    "We will continue to provide access to the old communities for a time, but will eventually move exclusively to the new forums." This isn't an ALTERNATE forum, it's the NEW forum. And it sucks.
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    BOOOOOOOO!!! Oh, and the mighty GR seconds the words of wisdom spoken by the Tonner.
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    Oh, and also, at least we now have the pleasure of using the all important like/dislike function. Thank COBB for that. I hope you guys "like" this post, otherwise I will be DEVASTATED!!!
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    I'm not a fan of the new layout either...But I'm not really a fan of the "new NHL" so much. I guess I'll get used to this like I got used to that...
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    Regarding the comics page, the hype was that the puzzles would be easier to use.... In fact, you made them harder to use. It's impossible to do a crossword puzzle, when the puzzle on top, it needs to UNDER the clues. Otherwise, you have to keep lifting your arm off of the clues to read them! And the cryptoquote... the letters are TOO CLOSE TOGETHER... Try again.... you'll get it right
    Brenda Rich