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Gagne to Tampa Being reported
  • No details as of yet.
  • 0 like this / 0 don't   •   Posted 9:43 PM, 07/19/2010
    Oh yeah... Bad math! Well, still only 1 mill or so under and not enough to do anything else with, unless another trade comes along.
  • 0 like this / 0 don't   •   Posted 3:00 PM, 07/19/2010
    Tell us more about Matt Walker. Where would he stand with our current group of defencemen?
  • 0 like this / 0 don't   •   Posted 12:14 AM, 07/20/2010
    flyers could still trade a d-man, maybe matt carle and acquire a starting goalie while staying under the cap. that is the only thing that makes sense to me. hate to see gagne go.
  • 0 like this / 0 don't   •   Posted 2:32 PM, 07/27/2010
    gagne has had to many injuries he was great for the flyers but his time was done in philly. I agree with most of you but we neede something a little better gagne can still play when healthy

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