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  • Now that Kovy has re-signed with the Devils, are the Flyers worse off for having to play against him six times per season?
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    For the next 17 years as well? Is that honestly the deal? But they shut him down in the playoffs and, while he'll give them trouble every so often, I think they've already proved they have the potential to keep him at bay more often than not.
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    The Flyers do seem to have a good game plan against him, but unfortunately, he's too talented to be kept at bay all the time.
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    F the devils. Kovy's an idiot because their style of play will only keep him from reaching his real potential. NJ keeps talking about a new "era", but hopefully that just means a long cup drought for them.
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    But, honestly, who wants to spend 17 years in NEW JERSEY. Not just playing for the Devils, I mean spending that much time there. Hope he has a nice offseason home somewhere else.