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Kolb vs McNabb, more insight
  • Here'[s an excerpt: For two and a half months, with three quarterbacks on the roster, the Eagles became a dateline for rumormongering. Would the Eagles really consider moving McNabb? Or would they trade Michael Vick? Or would they dare part with Kolb? Of the three, he garnered the most value. Three years ago, when former Eagles GM Tom Heckert, now with the Browns, toyed with taking a post with the Falcons, pre-Matt Ryan, he said he would have traded for Kolb. "Whatever Andy wanted, I would have given him," Heckert said at the time. "A one (draft pick), a two ... two ones. No joke. Kolb is legit." The former player also said one of the reasons McNabb embraced Michael Vick so much last season was to block Kolb further down the depth chart and that McNabb texted Vick during the recent round of OTAs and asked about Kolb's progress in the middle of the conversation. For the datebook, McNabb returns to Philadelphia on October 3. Meanwhile, Kolb shrugs that McNabb was nothing but helpful during their time together. "He is a great player," he says. "I learned a lot from him and he leaves some pretty big shoes to fill." Interesting article on KK. Provides insight into him and Donovan as well.
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    Everyone in the Country is Laughing at the Eagles trying to sell Klob boy like he's the next Montana, everyone is laughing at the Egals!
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    Why, because you are a McNabb fan, must you denigrate Kolb? Do you have some deep rooted fear of his success? ... )based on the article I posted, it seems McNabb is too interested in how Kolb is doing... if true). It is immature to want your successor to fail in a feeble attempt to make yourself look better. I'll give Donovan the benefit of the doubt... but you have shown your true colors.
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    I dont want Klob to fail, I just know he sucks, Typical of you Eagles fans though, you all thought LJ Smith was an All pro cause he had 2 good games in his Pathetic Career....
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    No one EVER thought LJ was an All Pro (outside of the organization). Ever. Typical Cowboy fan making up facts when you don't really have any that support you argument.
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    Ummmm yes EAGLES fans thought LJ was an All Pro.....
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    'everyone is laughing at the Egals' Really? You know everyone? Think a few know-it-alls like you in New England posted similar comments when Brady took over? Jack a s s !
    Henry Miller
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    Kolb is a class guy, and will do all the right things. I just hope this rude town gives him his chance to grow and not expect big things from day 1. The top brass should just announce the rebuilding faze and let him start from scratch.