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Eagles open auditions???
  • Why does it seem like the Eagles are bringing in bodies i.e...arena league receivers, training camp cast-offs from other teams, and play positions that we already have significant depth? Why not try out O-Lineman...the weakest, thinest position on this team?
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    I suspect they believe their O Line is set with perhaps some competition at the center position. The backups are identified and the practice squad guys known.... they must be trying to make sure there are enough reps for those players without taking a flyer on a REAL longshot. You just can't plug a body into the O Line... too much communication among players is required... so practice reps are important for those who have a chance of playing. As far as bringing in more receivers... I can't figure that one out unless it's just insurance for multiple injuries.... Receivers can be situational so a diamond in the rough can be utilized.
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    Maybe the Egals should try a reality show to find a QB, cause they dont have one.... anymore....
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    I think the Eagles will be fine with Kolb as quarterback and there will be surprisingly little drop off. The bigger concern lies on the defensive side of the ball especially at linebacker and the secondary. The offense will be fine.
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    I agree the defense is the area we need to be concerned with. Clearly that is where the most change has been made. I'm comfortable with our LB's though. With Bradley back and the addition of Simms we are way better than we were last year. The secondary needs Allen to be the real deal and someone to step up at CB. ... We also need a couple of the additions on the D Line to be players as well. That's a lot of "got to's".. so I share your overall concern with the D.