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Petiton to save the old forums
  • I have created a petition to try to save the old forums. It's only been 1 day and we already have close to 50 signatures. If you wish to keep the old forums, please sign my online petition, located here: To I'm sure there was a sound business reason to have the employers run the forum. From what I understand, Prospero Technologies LLC was running them before so I'm sure doing it in-house saves money. However, this forum is an inferior product. Heck, it's not even a forum, it's a comment section. Isn't there a way to mimic the old format? There has to be some way to at least create a forum with similar features and formats.
  • 1 like this / 0 don't   •   Posted 9:03 PM, 07/21/2010
    Bump... oh, that won't work here Scrap this idea and preserve the old forums. People have been fired at my company for lesser clusterflubs than this.
  • 1 like this / 0 don't   •   Posted 5:54 PM, 07/22/2010
    The old site is much better
  • 0 like this / 0 don't   •   Posted 1:16 PM, 07/23/2010
    One thing remains the same, Cowboys suck on any forum, even this cruddy thing.
  • 1 like this / 0 don't   •   Posted 10:29 PM, 07/25/2010
    It doesn't seem that bad to me. I am fascinated how much people hate change.
  • 0 like this / 0 don't   •   Posted 8:24 PM, 08/17/2010
    If they don't bring back the old one, I'm sure someone else will create a new one and will have even more competition.