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Its a shame, From one of the Best QB's in the NFL to nothing at QB
  • Poor Poor Eagles fans, you asked for it, you got it, you DESERVE it.... Enjoy the Bottom for years to come! Im a Skins fan now like thousands of other former Eagles fans....
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    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha mcnabbtosamuel is more like it. that or mcnabb to the ground!
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    Great comment til he starts throwing lawn darts at fedex field!
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    I don't understand how people can be so loyal to McNabb when he wasn't loyal to his own fans??? Personality wise, the guy is a clown. Have fun in Washington!
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    We will have fun in Washington and enjoy winning the East, you enjoy the basement, like the Pre Donovan McNabb Days, ok??
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    I rooted hard for McNabb for years because he was "our" QB and he brought us a lot of wins. Now, I still wish him well except for the 2 games against "us". He deserves applause when he comes back before the game begins, after that... we root for the Eagles and hope #5 gets sacked on every play. I am an EAGLES fan... born and bred. If you switched to being a skins fan because McNabb was traded... he better be your brother or you aren't a true Eagles fan. As for Kolb, I have enough confidence in AR, the Eagles coach who has orchestrated a bunch of wins, that he is confident that KK will be a solid NFL QB. I trust his judgement more than some dude on a message board with an axe to grind. I expect the Eagles to have more wins than the Skins this year. Our team is better.
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    Eagles are better??? how??? In what Way are you better?? the Skins Improved, Eagles have NO D, No Oline, a Baby arm QB, a Convick QB, and a coach who is LOST, esp on game day, how are the Egals better??? times yours.... clearing throat.....
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    Why do u hold so much in your heart for a guy that never won the Eagles a superbowl? What makes you think he will do it for Washington, they're better then the Eagles every year on paper, but how many times has that translated to the field? That's what I thought!
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    Ahem... clearing throat... So, the 4 and 12 Redskins are a better team than the 11 and 5 Eagles? McNabb going to block, tackle, run, pass and catch? The 11 and 5 Eagles upgraded the D and the offense is a year better. O Line is more healthy except for Jackson which is one of my concerns. Our coach, who you dinigrate, is only among the top coaches EVER in winning percentage. You Redskin fans should have the team colors changed to a shade of rose... to match the glasses you wear.
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    Yeah the Egals were 11-5 because of the capabilities of one of the BEST QB's in the game, lets see how you do with the INT thrower and fumbler.....Yeah the fat man has wins, Most of those wins were brought to him by #5.... my man....
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    I already told you I was a fan of McNabb and appreciate what he did. I trust "the fat man's" opinion (why must you be so childish?) because he has earned my respect based on his results. I expect Kolb to effectively handle the QB position. Only time will tell if he is as productive as McNabb.... or more productive.
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    Listen I would Love to still be an Eagles fan.... I have been a fan of Donovan's since his first start at Syracuse, Everyone knew he was going to be a star in the NFL after his first couple starts at Syracuse... he did exactly that. Good luck to the Eagles, they gonna need all the help they can get... :)
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    LOL @ McNabbtoMoss
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    I am not ready to say Kolb is nothing. I haven't seen enough of him to think that. The true test of this season is their defense and I don't like what I see on that side of the ball. Unless the Eagels can score 30 points or more a game I don't see alot of wins.
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    I agree with you that the defense is a big story on this year's success. On paper, a lot of talent was added so it could work out OK. I think we will need someone to step up as an adequate corner, Allen will need to learn fast, and one of the new DE players need to be a stud. I'm comfortable at the LB position now with Bradley back and the addition of Simms. .... BTW, a while back you posted about your screen name and introduced me to Dropkick Murphys... thanks, I enjoy their music.
  • 0 like this / 0 don't   •   Posted 9:52 PM, 07/26/2010 sir, are a buffoon. That is all.
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    TJR you sir are a Penny Pinchers Delight, enjoy 2-14 moron.
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    mcnabb couldnt do anything in philly what is he gonna do in washington. Philly actually finally got him good targets and he still was horrible everything is in the dirt!
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    Yeah, this is coming from someone that has Temple as a screenname, hey Moron, Temple still has football, what an embarrassment, what do you expect though from a city of Losers...... Temple a perfect fit....
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    Poor Mcnabb thought he would have at least brought one championship here, but now that I look at him in Washington I don't see Shannahan doing anything more to bring a trophy to that town. Sad day for Washington fans.
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    I'm with you! Any team that embraces dog-killers is at the bottom of the heap. McNabb did a great job for us...GO 'SKINS!
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    ...And what do you think of him now that your season is trashed, McNabb benched and we got a great safety for his pick. HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA