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Terrible Idea
  • I could see me popping in here once in a while but not nearly as much as over on the old forums. I also see me eventually not coming to these new forums at all. While I agree "change is difficult", it is not just about change. Its about lack of features and ease of navigation and layout. Not to mention I have 3 posts waiting for approval since yesterday. Check the feedback on the old forums, nobody over there likes these new forums. Put the kybosh on this idea or make drastic changes to the site or I predict a huge loss of traffic and the advertising dollars that goes with it... Some how I think this thread/post may be "routed for approval" for all eternity.
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    Well, at least the thread got posted.
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    I second that. This format is horrible at best.
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    how's you boy shockey going to find you?
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    I'm sure he can see what's going on when he checks the old forums.
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    Maybe it just takes some getting used to. What are the negative consequences of just changing the format? What are the differences here? Is banning the same rules? Same Sysops?
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    No ignore or high interest option, no edit or delete option for your own posts. No paragraphs. No simple way to navigate. Nothing much to like at all so far IMO. Oh, and I wonder if that pic will be enough to get you booted.
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    Either the Like/Dislike thing is broken, or people have been mature enough to ignore such childishness. Methinks it's the former. Look! My paragraphs have been merged!