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McNabb's reception on Oct. 3
  • How do you think the fans will greet McNabb when he returns to the Linc for the first time as a Redskin on Oct. 3. More cheers or boos?
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    Major booing, and not just because he's wearing the other team's jersey. But I would love to be proved wrong about that.
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    Nah, I thik he will get a fairly loud applause, which he deserves for giving his all in Philly for ten solid years. That said, I am so glad he is gone....
    Henry Miller
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    I think he'll get a standing O. Despite all of the crap he put the fans through, without him those teams wouldn't have made the playoffs.
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    he will be booooood a whole lot and when washington lost he will be cheered a lot
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    This will be the test for the Philly fans, those who are ticket holders anyway. If there are loud BOOOOO's, we will again be scewered in the national media as the worst fans in the league (who, by the way do you know they BOOOO'd Santa Claus as well). I grew up in Port Richmond and couldn't be more "Philly" by heritage and sometimes I am embarrassed by our fans. Any reasonable assessment of the situation should result in applause for McNabb when he is introduced (out of respect for what he accomplished and then only applause for our guys when they sack or intercept him after that. I hope that is what happens.
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    65,000 people will cheer him and 7 or 8 people will boo him. The media will harp and harp and harp about the 7 or 8 that booed him.