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Over/Under: Wins
  • Let's set it at 8.5... I think I'll go with the under. I can see the team getting 7-8 wins but no more. Anyone care to argue?
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    I agree with you, under 8.5. I'm more of a pessimist, so I will guess six or seven wins, especially with games against the Packers, Vikings, 49ers and Chris Johnson's Titans. I hope they prove me wrong, though.
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    I like the over. 10 wins would be a respectable season based on their schedule and is achievable if they don't get killed by the injury bug. I like the O Line which should be better than last year and the skill positions may be the strongest in the division... except for Kolb as a wild card. Of course, I expected the Eagles to win that last game down in Dallas last year... so I am naturally optomistic.
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    I will take the under I have them at 6 wins.