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Asante Samuel
  • Can someone please teach this man to tackle?
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    He's afraid to hit anyone. For all of the INT's he gets, he gives up too many TD's on horrendous "tackling" attempts where he just falls near the receiver.
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    Deion didnt tackle a soul but yet he is applauded as one of the greatest corners ever....its about not putting him in situations where he really has to make a 1 on 1 tackle. I like what Asante brings to the table. He is a playmaker
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    I understand your point Pman, but can you really compare Asante and Dion as far as coverage is concerned? Asante jumps routes, making high rish/reward plays. Dion would just blanket receivers catching whatever came his way, much like Revis does nowadays. Granted, my favorite Dion moment involved Rathman carrying him 10 that was entertainment!
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    'Can someone please teach this man to tackle?' Very original and in-depth comment. Have you been out of the country and tivo'ing the games the last few years, because you're a day late and a dollar short.....
    Henry Miller