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Liability is his middle name
  • Can Cornelius Ingram rebound from his injuries? Or is he going to be another LJ Smith, underachieving and always injured?
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    He shouldn't be anymore prone to re-injuring the knee than any other athlete. Trouble with the first procedure was that they used tissue from a cadaver & his body rejected it. This time they used his own tissue.
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    That's not exactly the bio of a healthy knee either.
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    I typed 2 long replies to this and neither showed up. I give up. (maybe I'll explain over in the old forum)
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    tried long reply for third time in IE... nope.
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    I guarantee if he shows promise in camp... there will be an article in the Inquirer that polls a renowned doctor with the medical evaluation of his knee. It seems, from what I've read so far, that he has a good chance to be "as good as new". We all know, however, that what we get in the papers needs to be evaluated based on the source.