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  • We are upgrading our forums!

    When we changed our platform a year ago, our tight-knit forum community of die-hard Philly sports fans was not happy. You (loudly) voiced your concerns, and we heard you.

    In August, Sports will be upgrading to the newest version of our original forum platform that you all love so much. This move will not only preserve the look, feel and functionality that you currently enjoy in those forums, but will also add some new bells and whistles that we believe will make your long-standing communities even more vibrant.

    As a part of the transition, the current forums - which we introduced in August 2010 - will be deactivated on Monday, July 18 and we will briefly return to our original forums before introducing the upgraded product on Monday, August 1.

    We are excited to offer this new platform to our users and believe that our forum communities will be very pleased with their new home. As always, we welcome your feedback.

  • 0 like this / 0 don't   •   Posted 5:30 AM, 07/08/2011
    Thanks for listening to your forum member's opinions. Your decision to stick with an updated version of the old forums and discard this format is appreciated.
  • 0 like this / 0 don't   •   Posted 4:38 PM, 07/10/2011
    this is a very good call. people have been on the old forum for many many years and this new forum was a complete failure. we lost a lot of good posters to other forums when the change was made. hopefully some of them will return now. even though it took an entire year for you to do the right thing, it is still appreciated.