Face Melting Caipirinha

UGC Recipe Image - ikrantz
Caipirinha (don't waste your time with the garnish, the lime is better served getting mashed along with the rest.)

1 serving(s)


Per serving:

  • 1 firm lime with fresh looking peel
  • Heaping teaspoon of flavorful sugar (demerara best, though turbinado will do),
  • Ice - no need to crush, really
  • Pitu cachaca - quantity as appropriate for tastes and current state of the consumer (don't go for any of those fancy new brands; this has nothing to do with smoothness)



  1. Cut lime into eighths.
  2. Mash limes for as close to 5 minutes as you can stand, being sure to get both the juices of the lime's flesh and the oils from its skin flowing and mingling.  Best to do in a wooden mortar and pestle, if you have one.  (Ask a Brazilian friend to bring you one next time they go home.)
  3. Add sugar to the mash and muddle a bit more.
  4. Put ice in glass and mix in the lime/sugar mess.
  5. Fill with cachaca as appropriate to achieve the desired affect.
  6. Stir, do not shake. (OK it really doesn't matter, but shaking involves cleaning something else.)
  7. Upon serving, inform your guests that you don't mind if they suck the last bit of the drink out of the limes before asking for another.  In fact, insist.
  8. If you make them strong, identify the designated driver for the recipient before giving them a second.  (Added this last step in homage to Brazil's new extremely tight DWI regulations (4x stricter than US!).