Pistachio-Dried Cherry Shortbread Bars

18 serving(s)


1 recipe Basic Shortbread Dough

3/4 cup chopped toasted lightly salted pistachio nuts

3/4 cup dried tart cherries

Sprinkling sugar, if desired





1. Line a loaf pan (approximately 8-by-4-by-2½) with wax paper or parchment.

2. While the dough is in the food processor and is still crumbly, add the nuts and the cherries and pulse several times until the ingredients are distributed evenly.

3. Turn the dough into the loaf pan and fold the excess paper to cover the surface of the dough. Using either your fingers or another loaf pan of the same dimensions, press the dough evenly into the pan to mold it into a large rectangle. Chill dough in the pan for 1 hour or up to several days.

4. When ready to bake, preheat oven to 300 degrees. Line a baking sheet or two with parchment or a nonstick mat. Turn the dough out from the pan onto a cutting board and remove the paper. Cut the dough into 1/4-inch slices across the loaf and cut each slice in half long ways. You should have slices measuring approximately 1 inch by 4 inches. Using a long, thin spatula, transfer these slices to the prepared baking sheet and sprinkle with sugar if using.

5. Bake, turning pan at least once, for 10-15 minutes depending on the thickness. The dough will brown just slightly on the bottom edge when done. Cool pan on rack and transfer the cookies to a tin once they are completely cool.


Per serving (based on 18): 216 calories, 3 grams protein, 23 grams carbohydrates, 9 grams sugar, 13 grams fat, 31 milligrams cholesterol, 148 milligrams sodium, trace dietary fiber

Michael Klein