Corn Tortellini with Cherry Tomatoes, Garlic, Basil, and Fresh Ricotta


1 cup all purpose flour
8-10 egg yolks

4 ears of corn
1 large onion
4 tablespoon butter
¼ cup grated parmigiano-reggiano
1 egg

1 gallon raw milk
1 quart heavy cream
juice of 4 lemons

Sliced garlic
1 quart cherry tomatoes
10 leaves basil
¼ cup extra virgin olive oil



To make the pasta

Mix flour and yolks until a smooth dough forms. Knead the dough for 5 minutes then let the dough rest for 30 minutes. Stretch the dough out into sheets.


To make the filling

Cut corn off of the cob and slice the onions into thin strips. Stew onions and corn gently in the butter until they are both very tender. Puree mixture in a blender, let cool, and stir in parmigiano-reggiano.


To make the ricotta

Heat the milk and cream slowly until the temperature reaches 190º, making sure not to scald the bottom. Add lemon juice, take off of the heat, and allow the curds to coagulate. Ladle curds into cheesecloth and strain to desired texture. Season to taste.


To make the sauce

Cut cherry tomatoes in half. Heat the oil to just under smoking. Add the tomatoes, and caramelize slightly. Turn down the heat and add garlic, then basil.


To finish the dish


Dot a sheet of the pasta with filling, top with another sheet, press, and cut. Blanch the ravioli in a large pot of salted water. Add to the sauce and toss to combine. Finish the dish with a spoonful of the warm ricotta.

Michael Klein