Vedge opening a new spot in Rittenhouse

Storefront at 126 S. 19th St.

Vedge owners Rich Landau and Kate Jacoby are still blowing the ink dry on a lease for a second restaurant.

The couple - whose vegan destination in Washington Square West is one of the city's great recent success stories - is going to Rittenhouse Square with a still-unnamed boîte at 126 S. 19th St., next to Zama and just up 19th Street from the square and La Colombe.

It's now the home of Smak Parlour, a boutique, which will remain in business through the holidays. Landau and Jacoby won't get the keys till January, with an expected March 1 opening, they say.

This won't be Vedge 2, says Landau, who wants to counterpose Vedge's elegance with something more daring.

The small space, open kitchen, bar, upbeat but laid-back air, and edgy menu culled from Vedge's "dirt list" calls to mind a vegan version of New York's Momofuku Ko.