Coffee redux: Now the NYT gets into the Philly caffeine act

Gray Fisher prepares a cappuccino at Bodhi Coffee. ( David Maialetti / staff photographer )

The New York Times has weighed in with a roundup on Philly's coffee culture, treading a similar path walked by the Inquirer's Craig LaBan back in March.

(Next, perhaps: a feature on Philly as a craft beer destination.)

For a closer look at Philly's coffee culture, you might attend the Thursday Night Throwdown, the monthly battle of the baristas. It's free.

Next one will be Thursday, May 26 at Bodhi, 410 S. Second St.

Sign-up starts at 7 p.m., pouring commences at 8 p.m., the caffeine twitches begin waning sometime early Tuesday.

See David Maialetti's video here.

(Date corrected.)