Sansom Street Sushi Delight

Low on atmosphere and with only two seats, this is a decent grab-and-go spot, with a refrigerator stocked with sushi combos and other popular items.

The owner, Xiao Hong Hu, opened her place on April 24 after working at the sushi bar in a Super Fresh. Mostly self-taught in the art of sushi-making, she said that she decided to open a sushi place of her own because of the demand for healthy sustenance. Hu will make the sushi fresh if you ask her specifically, but when I placed my order, she grabbed my choice from the display case.

I had a 14-piece assortment for $8.95 that included tuna, salmon, California roll, cucumber roll and shrimp - all good - and also red snapper and red clam, both of which seemed a bit dried out and tough.

I also tried a not-bad eel dinner combination ($12.95), with six pieces of room-temperature eel on sushi rice (it would have been nicer if it were hot), with eight pieces of California roll (no fish roe) and an iceberg lettuce salad that came with no dressing.

The miso ($1.50), with a little tofu and seaweed, was OK. The ocean salad ($2.50; a sesame-flavored seaweed salad) was good.

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