Tokyo Lunch Box

Tokyo Lunch Box has a custom-built blond wood bar with 14 seats. The sushi in the display case on the day I went all looked impressively fresh and prettily made. Not to mention, the boxes the sushi comes in have the attractive Japanese designs on the boxes the sushi came in. (Hey, good sushi is half aesthetics).

And owner John Kim, who also owns three sushi outlets in Chicago, has a good sense of humor. He said he saw Mayor John Street on TV complaining about Philly's status as America's fattest city. "The Philadelphia cheesesteak is famous," he said, "but it is time for a change."

Luckily, he hasn?t resorted to putting Cheese Whiz in his sushi. Instead, his rainbow roll (12 pieces, $7.99) looks exactly like its name, with tuna, salmon, snapper, mackerel, yellow tail and eel all rolled on the outside of the roll. Pretty nifty. Tasted good too. The California roll ($5.99) was fine, though the miso ($1.50) was little better than salty dishwater.

But the cucumber salad ($1.50) was just like mom used to make - admittedly not a difficult feat, as it's mainly just sliced cucumber and rice vinegar.

Less than a month old, Tokyo Lunch Box has two sushi makers on duty if you have a special order. Kim says his spicy udon (noodle soup) is a popular item in winter. Unfortunately, this place closes earlyish, at 6 p.m. during the week, and at 5 on Saturday.

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