Tuesday, September 1, 2015
Szechuan Tasty House
902 Arch St.
Philadelphia , PA 19107
Neighborhood: Center City
Parking: Street parking only.
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Cuisine type: Chinese
Style: Get a rare and fiery taste of authentic Szechuan cooking at this Chinatown BYO. The colorful little room is pleasant enough, but it's the vibrant dishes that make the meal, with careful preparations and a peppercorn-flared chile heat that is both stinging and seductive.
Specialties: Turnip patties; fui qi fei pian (kidney & tongue); cheng-du cold noodles; Szechuan hot and sour soup; ma pao tofu; pork with garlic sauce; Szechuan twice-cooked pork; three-pepper chicken; hua jiao chicken (not on menu); golden coins; prawns; fried bananas
Alcohol: BYO. Consider a cold, brisk lager beer to quench the fire.
Smoking: No smoking.
Hours: Lunch and Dinner: Mon.-Sat.