Saturday, February 13, 2016
Maui's Dog House
21st on the Boardwalk
Wildwood , NJ 08260
(609) 846-0444
Neighborhood: Wildwood
Parking: Street parking only.
Cuisine type: American
Meals Served: Lunch Dinner
Style: You should expect something unusual if you head to the mustard-yellow confines of in North Wildwood: homemade hot dogs. Owner "Maui" D'Antuono, who expanded this year to a second location on the boardwalk, is one of the few restaurateurs in the country who still makes his own hot dogs. And these meaty, no-filler puppies are worth the trip, whether you get the traditional German-style pink frank or the "whitey" veal dog that tingles with spice.
Hours: Mon-Sat (lunch and dinner)