Friday, November 27, 2015
AllWays Cafe
634 Welsh Rd
Jenkintown , PA 19046
(215) 914-2151
Neighborhood: Jenkintown
Cuisine type: American; Salads; Sandwiches; Soup
Meals Served: Lunch Dinner
Style: The Muncher loves stuff on the side — a salad, soup and, at AllWays Cafe at the Bethayres Shopping Center, a little political correctness. Under the glass tabletops are printed aphorisms from various world poets, philosophers and authors; the Muncher was fascinated at a recent lunch by a poem, translated from the Hmong, of a visitor at a children's refugee camp in Southeast Asia. The food is excellent — a mix of healthful (though not necessarily low-cal) salads, soups, pastas and veggie dishes.
Smoking: Nonsmoking only
Hours: Mon.-Sat (lunch and dinner)